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Part Number - Description - Unit

162-0058-01 "Retaining Ring, Filter, 560 nm and over" Piece
165-0058-01 "Holder, Filter TrAAcs" Piece
165-0060-02 "Retaining Ring, Filter, Below 560 nm" Piece
165-0301-01 "Cd Coil, 12"" Coil" Piece
165-0301-24 "Cd Coil, 24"" Coil" Piece
165-B006-XX "Filter, Specify Wavelength" Piece
165-B028-01 "Valve, Pinch, Double" Piece
165-B030-01 TrAAcs 800 Flowcell Piece
165-B030-02 TrAAcs 800 Flowcell Piece
165-B030-03 TrAAcs 800 Flowcell Piece
165-B030-05 TrAAcs 800 Flowcell Piece
165-B032-01 "Lamp, TrAAcs" Piece
165-B039-01 Platen Ass'y Piece
165-G001-01 Wash Recepticle Piece
165-G005-01 "Coil, 5 Turn" Piece
165-G005-02 "Coil, 10 Turn" Piece
165-G005-03 "Coil, 20 Turn" Piece
165-G006-01 Debubbler/Rebubble Piece
178-B482-01 Inlet Block Piece
178-B482-02 Inlet Block Piece
178-B495-03 "Heating Bath, 55C" Piece
178-B495-05 "Heating Bath, 90C" Piece
178-B495-06 "Heating Bath, 45C, 0.89ml" Piece
178-B816-01 "Heating Bath, 37C" Piece
178-B822-01 "Heating Bath, 37C, 2.3 mL Kel-F" Piece
178-B822-02 "Heating Bath, 37C, 4.15 mL Kel-F" Piece
178-B822-05 "Heating Bath, 45C, 4.15 mL Kel-F" Piece
178-B995-01 Dialyzer Screw Piece
178-3420-01 "Holder, Tube" Piece
178-3682-01 "Holder, Inlet Block" Piece
178-4065-01 "Coil Clip, Waste Funnel" Piece
178-5117-01 "Anchor, Dialzyer Platde" Piece
178-G202-01 Tee Fitting(15.80 mm) Piece
178-G218-01 Stem Piece
178-G218-02 Stem Piece
178-G223-01 Stem Piece
178-G224-02 Transistion Piece Piece
178-G223-01 "Tube, Connecting" Piece
181-0050-01 Sparging Tube Piece
188-G011-01 Resample Fitting Piece
188-G017-01 Debubbler Piece
195-G188-01 Fitting Piece
508-5031-01 "Screws, Filter Holder" Piece
510-0032-02 Coupling Piece
654-0075-01 "Pwr Sup., TrAAcs" Piece

Pump III

Part Number Description Unit

133-0017-01 "Motor, Pump III" Piece
133-0218-01 "Wick, Oil, Pump" Piece
133-0222-01 30T gear Piece
133-0224-01 80T gear Piece
133-0223-01 "Gear, 76 tooth" Piece
133-0234-01 "Gear, 34 tooth" Piece
133-0246-01 "Pump platen, gray" Piece
133-0252-01 Cam Piece
133-0364-01 "Pad, Tube, Air Bubble" Piece
133-0366P01 "Block, 26 Tube" Piece
133-A014-01 "Pump III, Remanufactured" Piece
133-B007-01 Cam Follower Ass'y Piece
133-B028-01 Head & Roller Ass'y Piece
133-B029-01 Pawl and Latch Piece
133-B040-01 Platen and Cover Ass'y Piece
133-B041-01 Air Line Block Ass'y Piece
133-B238-01 Pump Roller & Bushing Piece
170-0240-01 "Bracket, Pump" Piece
170-0241P01 "Block, 5 Tube" Pkg/2
170-0242P01 "Block, Tube 11 Tube" Pkg/2
170-0243P01 "Block, 28 Tube" Pkg/2
170-0270P01 "Block, 7 Tube" Pkg/2
170-0503P01 Block 3- Tube Pkg/2
170-0503P02 "Block, 4- Tube" Pkg/2
170-0503P03 "Block, 6- Tube" Pkg/2
170-0503P04 "Block, 8- Tube " Pkg/2
170-0503P05 "Block, 10- Tube" Pkg/2

Sampler IV

Part Number Description Unit
127-0095-01 "Probe, 0.034 ID" Piece
127-0096-01 "Probe, 0.016 ID" Piece
171-0343-01 "Probe, 0.034 ID" Piece
171-0344-01 "Probe, 0.016 ID" Piece
171-0407-01 Wash Receptacle Piece
171-0483-01 "Tube, Drain, Y" Piece
171-0489-01 Tandem Drain Piece
171-A000-01 "Sampler IV, Remanufactured" Piece
171-G004-01 Wash Receptacle for Stirring Sampler IV Piece

Single Channel Colorimeter

Part Number Description Unit

112-0340-XX "Filter, Specify Wavelength" Piece
112-B007P01 "Lamp, Long-Life w/Leads" Pkg/6
112-B013P01 "Lamp, w/Leads" Pkg/6
162-0058-01 "Retaining Ring, Filter" Piece
199-0084-01 "Extension, F/C Chan B" Piece
199-0116-01 "Extension, F/C Chan A" Piece
199-A000-01 SCIC(Remanufactured Piece
199-B001-01 SCIC Control Bd Piece
199-B002-03 SCIC Log Bd Piece
199-B007-01 "Flowcell, 1.5mm x 50mm" Piece
199-B007-02 "Flowcell, 2.0mm x 50mm" Piece
199-B018-01 "Flowcell, 1.5mm x 15mm" Piece
199-B018-02 "Flowcell, 2.0mm x 15mm" Piece
199-B021-01 "Phototube, Standard Industrial" Piece
199-B021-02 "Phototube, Bi-alkali" Piece
199-B021-03 "Phototube, S-10 (High Performance)" Piece
199-B021-04 "Phototube, Special Industrial" Piece
199-B049-01 Flowcell 1.5mm x 30mm Piece
601-4057-01 "Lob Block, AAII SCIC (HP)" Piece

Analytical Cartridge

Part Number Description Unit

116-Dxxx-xx "Cartridge, AAII, Specify Test" ea
116-Sxxx-xx "Cartridge, Special, Specify Test" ea

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